The Cosgrove TRX Workout Plan

Well it is almost summer time, and we have basically one month to lose some more of that unwanted body fat before we fit the beaches.

We may just want to switch up or workout and try something new. I came across Alwyn and Rachel Cosgroves 3 week fat loss workout and thought people should give it a try. Alwyn Cosgrove is one of the better fitness experts that I like to follow, and I think everyone should give there TRX workout plan a go.

For the more advanced TRX users, try the TRX Executioner Workout by Chris Fales.

If you are in search of a gym in beautiful Richmond BC, Canada, check out Maki Performance Training.

TRX Training

So we have started training more with the TRX band.

This is definitely a very incredible piece of equipment, yet it is so simple. Just a rugged piece of straps that can withhold a lot of weight.

The rest of the training is based on creativity, body weight, and angles.

We are able to do suspended push-ups, jumping leg lunges, reverse rows, ab workouts. There is a lot to do with the bands. Just simple stuff, that gets your muscles leaner and stronger.

Stay tuned for results in the next couple of months to half a year, but so far the TRX bands are recommended.