Squats and Pullups

Today I wanted to work on the good ol’ legs and back.
The workout comprised of squats and pullups.

Started with 5 mins of skipping
then 100 bodyweight squats touching butt to large medicine ball.

Then start with 20 reps of back squats with Olympic bar and 35 lbs a side.
followed by 10 pullups.

Do this for 5 rounds.

Afterwards perform 3 rounds of
TRX plank
Ab barbell rollout
1 mins each

If you have some time, do kicks on a bag, fast paced.

WOD #10

This can be done as a WOD or complex for time.
Do about 4 – 6 rounds, or continuously for 15 minutes.

12 reps Atomic Pushup
12 reps Overhead squat with Olympic Bar
12 up and out (shoulders) with Olympic Bar
15 TRX Rows(back) – elbows tight to body

Part II
30 seconds each 4 rounds with 30 seconds rest in between
TRX hamstring curls
Squat hold arms extend out in front
TRX jump squats

A nice and simple leg and shoulder workout. Does not take much time, and very efficient and tiring. You can increase weight if too easy.

The Cosgrove TRX Workout Plan

Well it is almost summer time, and we have basically one month to lose some more of that unwanted body fat before we fit the beaches.

We may just want to switch up or workout and try something new. I came across Alwyn and Rachel Cosgroves 3 week fat loss workout and thought people should give it a try. Alwyn Cosgrove is one of the better fitness experts that I like to follow, and I think everyone should give there TRX workout plan a go.

For the more advanced TRX users, try the TRX Executioner Workout by Chris Fales.

If you are in search of a gym in beautiful Richmond BC, Canada, check out Maki Performance Training.