Richmond B.C Bootcamp Maki Fit and Abs Class

So it’s almost Christmas time, and time for good eats and chocolates. At least that’s what I think of when Christmas comes.
Then its the New Years for 2011, and as usual everyone has a New Years goal. Well if you are like me and put on some extra pounds during Christmas, and now want to shed it, then come try out the Abs Class and Maki Fit Bootcamp. These classes are always different, and provide a great workout. You will be challenged and pushed, but you will have a good time.

If you get the chance, come try the class out, visit for more information.

PS. There is now a nutritions class which is quickly gaining in popularity. It happens every Friday. Phone 604-719-8655 to find out more if interested.

WOD #3

So this time we blasted our arms and back with this workout.

Five sets of each exercise, 20 sec rest between sets and no rest between exercises.

1. Bent over row – 12 reps (25 lb bumper plates each side)
2. Hammer curl – 12 reps ( medium high weight )
3. Lower back extension – 15- 20 reps ( 25 lb medicine ball )
4. Tricep extension over head – 12 reps ( 60 lb dumb bell )
5. Wide arm pullups [lower body completely] – 10 – 12 reps (body weight)
6. highest tension resistance band [ full range of motion ] – 20 reps

After doing the 6 exercises, do 4 – 5 sets of the next 2 exercises to finish.

1b. Single arm dumbell row – heavy weights – 6 reps
2b.TRX tricep extension – 10 reps

This should provide a very good back and arm exercise. At least my arms and triceps felt it.

Squeaky Noise in Front End of Truck

So all of a sudden, while I’m driving I hear this squeaky sound coming from the front end of my car.

It sounds like a squeaky bed when your jumping on it, and its very annoying. So I did some research and it is most likely your ball joint in the front end that is near the brakes. There is a lower and upper ball joint.

I found some videos that will explain the ball joint problem, and how to fix it. If you have the time and patience and the tools, do it yourself. Got a quote from Canadian Tire for $450 + tax.

Here are the videos: