Wod #7

Here is a simple and fast paced WOD that should take about 30 mins.

1. Decline Pushup
2. 1 leg lunge on bench with weights (we used 25 lbs per side)
3. Reverse curl with resistance band
4. Weighted jump squats

30 seconds each, 6 rounds total no rest

Equalizer – Pull up

4 mins total ( A tabata is 20 seconds on then 10 seconds rest and repeat )

Finish with an Ab workout
Resistance band partner crunches. 1 holds the band in plank position, and the other does crunches with knees in air.

30 seconds each for 3 rounds no rest.

Quick and easy. Should be a blast, now go give it a try!

WOD #5

Olympic Barbell and 2 – 25lb plates

20 – Push and Press
20 – Bent over Rows
20 – Pushups on Bar

15 minutes time or 5 rounds as quick as possible

45 seconds resistance band ab crunch on swiss ball
45 second tornado ball side slam over head

rest 20 seconds 3 rounds

Give this workout a try.