Squat and Run 800M WOD

Back Squat
Run 800M
Front Squat
Run 800M
Overhead Squat
Run 800M

Since I took a week off, I tried this WOD with some less weight:
Back Squat – 215 lbs
Front Squat – 95 lbs
Overhead Squat – Barbell (45 lbs)

The time I was able to complete this was 14:11. The 800M run distance may have been off by a little bit for me, but fairly close. Will try to up the weight in the near future.

WOD #10

This can be done as a WOD or complex for time.
Do about 4 – 6 rounds, or continuously for 15 minutes.

12 reps Atomic Pushup
12 reps Overhead squat with Olympic Bar
12 up and out (shoulders) with Olympic Bar
15 TRX Rows(back) – elbows tight to body

Part II
30 seconds each 4 rounds with 30 seconds rest in between
TRX hamstring curls
Squat hold arms extend out in front
TRX jump squats

A nice and simple leg and shoulder workout. Does not take much time, and very efficient and tiring. You can increase weight if too easy.

WOD #9

The focus today was mainly shoulders. So we did the following for 6 rounds each. 20 seconds per round, and resting 20 seconds after the 2nd round of the 4th exercise.

1. Push Press: 2 – 25 lb plates on Olympic Barbell
2. Up and Outs: standard Olympic Barbell ( what to do: we do a press, and then we do a push out from chest, fast movement)
3. Ropes – sideways
4. Ropes – Double power slam

After perform a pullup underneath bar using underhand grip. Tabata style for 4 mins. 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off.

The last little bit is a Ab workout for 20 seconds each.

1. Mountain climber rotation
2. Regular mountain climber
3. Leg raise ( left, right, and center )
4. Crunches with knees bent 90 degrees

rest 10 seconds and repeat for 3 more rounds.
Another quick little WOD to burn some calories and work on your shoulders. Enjoy!

WOD #8

Todays WOD is more of a cardio workout.

1. Battle ropes, alternating hands.
2. Weighted burpees.

Do this with a partner if you can or you can time out.
If you do it with a partner, the burpees exerciser sets the pace.

12 burpees then switch. For 10 rounds.
If you are doing if for time, then 20 seconds each and switch. Do this for 10 rounds as well.

Agility and speed.
We performed laterals over cones.
Do this for 4-8 mins non-stop taking turns. 20 seconds on, then switching right away, or resting for 20 seconds.

3 rounds of medicine ball drop from bench to partner, and partner pushes ball straight back up. about 10 – 20 reps.

Finish with some Abs:
1. Double crunches
2. reverse crunches
3. Plank on Swiss ball with forearms on ball.

do this for 20 seconds per ab exercise, and 3 rounds no rest.
You should feel a burn, or you are doing it wrong. Have fun and give it a go!

Wod #7

Here is a simple and fast paced WOD that should take about 30 mins.

1. Decline Pushup
2. 1 leg lunge on bench with weights (we used 25 lbs per side)
3. Reverse curl with resistance band
4. Weighted jump squats

30 seconds each, 6 rounds total no rest

Equalizer – Pull up

4 mins total ( A tabata is 20 seconds on then 10 seconds rest and repeat )

Finish with an Ab workout
Resistance band partner crunches. 1 holds the band in plank position, and the other does crunches with knees in air.

30 seconds each for 3 rounds no rest.

Quick and easy. Should be a blast, now go give it a try!