WOD #5

Olympic Barbell and 2 – 25lb plates

20 – Push and Press
20 – Bent over Rows
20 – Pushups on Bar

15 minutes time or 5 rounds as quick as possible

45 seconds resistance band ab crunch on swiss ball
45 second tornado ball side slam over head

rest 20 seconds 3 rounds

Give this workout a try.

Complex #1

So what is a complex? It is a set of exercises performed right after another either for time or for amount of repetitions.

Our complex performed last night included 6 exercises back to back, each exercise was 6 reps, for a total of 36 reps.

We used an Olympic barbell and 1 – 45 lb bumper plates on each side.

The exercises included:
1. Squat
2. Push Press
3. Bent Over Row
4. Deadlift
5. High Pull
6. Reverse Lunges

Do about 3 – 4 sets. Focus on quality, but try to keep the time low as well.

WOD #1

Well thought I would start keepingĀ  track of some WOD’s we do at SAMPA gym located in Richmond B.C, Canada. It’s near Ironwood Mall on Steveston. The actual address is #150-11960 Hammersmith Way.

So we’ve done some WODs before (Workout Of the Day) but thought I would start keeping a journal.

So yesterday our WOD was fairly simple, it involved a barbell and bumper plates, and a TRX band.
It was a ladder WOD so we went in increments of 2 from 2 – 16.

1. Squat thruster to overhead raise with 25 lbs bumper plates on each side.

2. Atomic pushups with the TRX band.

Perform each one and repeat up the ladder until finished.

If you want you can throw in TRX jump squats at the end.

Have fun and enjoy.