Cardio Finisher – Sleds Tires & Hammers

So you want a cardio finisher, why not try something with sleds, tires and a big hammer.

Its not much, but can really get your heart rate up and going, and a good fully body workout for the last 10 minute finish.

Here it is:

Sled run with 2 45 plates
10 squat jumps
10 hammer slams per side
Sled run back to beginning

Check out the video here of one of my buddy’s doing this finisher at this link here

Squat and Run 800M WOD

Back Squat
Run 800M
Front Squat
Run 800M
Overhead Squat
Run 800M

Since I took a week off, I tried this WOD with some less weight:
Back Squat – 215 lbs
Front Squat – 95 lbs
Overhead Squat – Barbell (45 lbs)

The time I was able to complete this was 14:11. The 800M run distance may have been off by a little bit for me, but fairly close. Will try to up the weight in the near future.