Squat and Run 800M WOD

Back Squat
Run 800M
Front Squat
Run 800M
Overhead Squat
Run 800M

Since I took a week off, I tried this WOD with some less weight:
Back Squat – 215 lbs
Front Squat – 95 lbs
Overhead Squat – Barbell (45 lbs)

The time I was able to complete this was 14:11. The 800M run distance may have been off by a little bit for me, but fairly close. Will try to up the weight in the near future.

Squats and Pullups

Today I wanted to work on the good ol’ legs and back.
The workout comprised of squats and pullups.

Started with 5 mins of skipping
then 100 bodyweight squats touching butt to large medicine ball.

Then start with 20 reps of back squats with Olympic bar and 35 lbs a side.
followed by 10 pullups.

Do this for 5 rounds.

Afterwards perform 3 rounds of
TRX plank
Ab barbell rollout
1 mins each

If you have some time, do kicks on a bag, fast paced.

WOD – Squats and Kicks

We wanted to test our endurance and strength. We also wanted to see how hard it was to do this mini WOD.

So here it is:

160 lbs Total –  ( 45lbs + 10 lbs + 2.5 lbs weights on each side of Olympic Bar)

The exercise:
For squats, place barbell behind head.
Keep the kick speed up.
This is a continuous exercise all the way to the end.

5 squats
5 kicks each leg on pads
10 squats
10 kicks each leg on pads
15 squats
15 kicks each leg on pads
20 squats
20 kicks each leg on pads

Finished. Try this mini WOD out, and this should be a good test to see where you stand with your endurance training and mental toughness.