WOD #5

Olympic Barbell and 2 – 25lb plates

20 – Push and Press
20 – Bent over Rows
20 – Pushups on Bar

15 minutes time or 5 rounds as quick as possible

45 seconds resistance band ab crunch on swiss ball
45 second tornado ball side slam over head

rest 20 seconds 3 rounds

Give this workout a try.

Resistance Band Training

I have been using dumb bells, bars and plates, and machines for most of my workout career.  These are the basics, and always will be.  But I ventured off and have found other methods.  People may not believe in this method, or find it effective, but resistance bands are the #%*@, because they can provide a full body workout, and more.

Is resistance band training just a fad?  The answer is “No”.

Two years ago I started using resistance band training, and found it very beneficial.
These resistance bands may look fragile, but the truth is, they are rugged, and can last a long time.

From experience I like resistance bands because they can provide constant tension for the up and down phase of the exercises. I also found that there was less stress on my joints, and exercises that caused pains to some joints with dumb bells did not recur.

To find the real scoop on resistance bands, I did a bit more Internet digging and research.  Through the research I can confirm that resistance bands can be less stressful on joints, which means less pain for my shoulder joints. They can also increase strength gains in a much shorter time period. As usual, you would still want to switch up your workout from time to time so you do not get bored, or plateau at a certain point.

My personal trainer teacher was not as fond of the resistance band, because they were not as functional for everyday use. This is because resistance band training is not based on gravity such as free weights, but on the tension of elasticity that is caused through movement. Therefore there is constant tension through the concentric and eccentric phases ( also known as the up and down phase) of lifting. By providing constant tension, it may not be a similar to everyday functional activities, but I think it is more beneficial to the end user because it improves both areas as to one.

If you get a chance, try a resistance band workout,  and checkout this resource for more about resistance band training at http://www.resistancebandexercise.net.