Mini Circuits

We were planning to just do a conditioning exercise for the upper body only, but ended up with some leg work as well.

Here’s the mini circuit that should take about 30 – 45 mins.

1. Tricep dips
2. Resistance band bicep curl (a band that you can do for 6 rounds)
3. Side to Side explosive pushup on medicine ball
4. Reverse forearm curls

Do each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest 20 seconds. Repeat for another 5 rounds.

Back Tabata
Reverse row on barbell or pullup rows on Equalizers. 3 mins, so that would be 20 seconds on, and 10 seconds rest for a total of 6 rounds.

We continue after with a leg exercise (we used weighted vest, you may choose to use body weight)
1. 25 squats
2. 25 lunges (alternating)
3. 25 side lunges (alternating)
4. 25 jump squats
5. 25 split jump squats/lunges
6. 100 quick feet steps

repeat 1 more time.

And finish the workout with an Ab circuit of:
1. Leg raise hold and crunch (optional: dumb bell for crunch)
2. Leg raises side to side
3. Circular Ab rotation 1 way
4. Circular Ab rotation the other way

20 seconds for each exercise, then rest 20 seconds, and repeat 2 more rounds.

Complex – Legs

So its a leg day, but instead of doing isolated leg movements, work the whole body while strengthening the legs.

Here are the 3 exercises:

1. Barbell Lunges – 45 lbs plates on each side – 10 – 20 reps total alternating legs
2. Bosu Ball upside down squats – 2 16 KG kettle bells – 10 – 15 reps
3. Jump Squats – two 8 or 12 KG kettle bells – 15 – 20 reps

Do this for 4 rounds, with as little rest as possible.

For the last part, you can perform a corkscrew abdominal exercise which works the abdominal and legs. Basically its a woodchop, but at the top we continue to swing to behind our back and reaching out.

Repeat on other side, about 20 reps per side using a plate or dumb bell.

Wod #7

Here is a simple and fast paced WOD that should take about 30 mins.

1. Decline Pushup
2. 1 leg lunge on bench with weights (we used 25 lbs per side)
3. Reverse curl with resistance band
4. Weighted jump squats

30 seconds each, 6 rounds total no rest

Equalizer – Pull up

4 mins total ( A tabata is 20 seconds on then 10 seconds rest and repeat )

Finish with an Ab workout
Resistance band partner crunches. 1 holds the band in plank position, and the other does crunches with knees in air.

30 seconds each for 3 rounds no rest.

Quick and easy. Should be a blast, now go give it a try!

WOD #6

Pullup – is usually considered as palms being pronated ( this means that the palms are facing away from your face as you grab the bar.

Chinup – is usually considered as palms being supinated ( this means that the palms are facing your face as you grab the bar.

Try this workout:
10 pullups widegrip
10 chinups widegrip
10 pullups closegrip
10 chinups closegrip

6 Heavy – Good Morning Bends with a barbell.

Do that for 3-4 rounds as fast as you can.

Finish with a some ab exercises.
50 double knee tucks
50 weighted crunches
25 barbell rollouts
50 mountain climbers with rotation
50 weighted russian twists
75 bicycles