WOD #8

Todays WOD is more of a cardio workout.

1. Battle ropes, alternating hands.
2. Weighted burpees.

Do this with a partner if you can or you can time out.
If you do it with a partner, the burpees exerciser sets the pace.

12 burpees then switch. For 10 rounds.
If you are doing if for time, then 20 seconds each and switch. Do this for 10 rounds as well.

Agility and speed.
We performed laterals over cones.
Do this for 4-8 mins non-stop taking turns. 20 seconds on, then switching right away, or resting for 20 seconds.

3 rounds of medicine ball drop from bench to partner, and partner pushes ball straight back up. about 10 – 20 reps.

Finish with some Abs:
1. Double crunches
2. reverse crunches
3. Plank on Swiss ball with forearms on ball.

do this for 20 seconds per ab exercise, and 3 rounds no rest.
You should feel a burn, or you are doing it wrong. Have fun and give it a go!